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After passing-out for about ten-minutes, Panini wakes up.

"Oh, Ceviche... I had the weirdest dream...", Panini said while holding her head.

"That wasn't a dream, Panini, You're actually about to drink a giant juice-box..." , Ceviche said.

Panini becomes irritated, "I didn't say WHAT the dream was about, Ceviche...", Panini said, In an agitated tone.

"Are you ready yet??", Flour asked.

"Yes, Yes I am!!" Panini said, Proudly.

"Great, Here's your straw." Flour says while handing her a long and large bendy-straw.

Panini grabbed the straw, "Alright... Here it goes...", Panini said nervously.

She started drinking the juice, She stops for a second.

"Yum!! This stuff's really good, Maybe this won't be so hard, After-all." Panini said.

She continued drinking, Her adorable little gulps gradually got louder and more rapid, With the juice appearing as large bulges visible running down her throat and disappearing into her stomach.

"Hooray for Panini!!" Ceviche cheered.

After about three minutes of non-stop gulping, Her belly started to bulge-out a-bit, It was obvious that she was starting to get full.

Panini stopped for a moment and let-out a small belch, "Excuse me... Starting to get full, Here...." She said before continuing to drink the juice.

After another ten minutes, The skirt of her yellow, Polk-a-dot dress was in the middle of riding-up on her bloated belly, Revealing her white cotton panties, stretched around her lower-belly.

Panini began to blush intensely and stopped drinking so she could try to cover herself for the sake of modesty.

"So... *Hiccup*.... Full..... But I must continue!!" She said before continuing to drink.

After another 6-minutes, Her belly was almost completely exposed, Even her bellybutton (Which was usually not-visible) Was showing, And it was visibly tight and shallow, As if it were about to become an outie.

Panini stopped drinking, Once again, She looked dizzy and very un-comfortable.

" *Urp* S-S'cuse.... *Hiccup*.... My belly hurts.... I should stop.... *Urp*....", Panini managed to say. 

"C'mon, Panini, Don't give up, You're half-way done!!", Ceviche cheered.

"Ceviche... *Hiccup*.... I can't even see my own feet.... *Hiccup*... Anymore...." Panini muttered to Ceviche.

"Fine!! If you can't finish it by-yourself, Then I'll... I'll... I'll make you drink it!!" Ceviche exclaimed.

Panini panicked and tried to run away but her body was too heavy and she just fell on her bottom.

"Ce-Ceviche!! Yo-You better *Hiccup* Not!!...", Panini said in protest.

Ceviche shoved the straw into her mouth and squeezed the giant juice-box as hard as he possibly can, This act caused the remaining 15-Gallons of wa-wa melon juice to travel through the giant straw and come-out gushing out into Panini's mouth, Her cheeks puffed-up dramatically, She was holding the remaining juice in her cheeks in an attempt to prevent it from entering her filled-to-the-brim stomach, But the amount of juice was way to much for her cheeks to hold and she eventually swallowed the remaining 15-gallons all-at-once in one gargantuan gulp, A huge bulge bigger than her head quickly traveled down her throat and into her already hugely-bloated tummy, All of the extra liquid caused her entire mid-section to rapidly bloat-outward in every direction, Her dress's fabric was stretched to the point of ripping a bit at the sides, Revealing the sides of her massively-bloated belly, Her legs we're forced-to spread-apart due to the size of her tummy (Which covered her legs well-past the knees, Her belly was completely rounded and tight, With no folds or flab, Just pure-juice, The sun-light was shining on her belly, And despite how horrible Panini felt right now, The warm sun-light actually soothed her aching belly a bit, At the very least.

Panini groaned in dis-comfort, She was sloshing-around like a giant, Over-filled water-balloon, Ohhhh... *URRRPP!!* I feel like I'm gonna... *HICCUP!!*.... Explode!!!, She groaned as bubbles of juice floated out of her mouth when she hiccuped.

"You did it, Panini!!! You won!!!!" Ceviche cheered.

"Ohhh... my aching *HICCUP*.... head...", Panini groaned.

"I thinking you've earned a hug!!" Ceviche said as he prepared to hug her.

"No-No-No No-No!!! Don't *HICCUP* hug me!!!!" Panini shouted in protest.

Ceviche hugged her bloated body tightly, Panini's cheeks swelled up as her body rumbled loudly for a bit, She thought she was about to explode, But then her rumbling suddenly stopped, All that happened was that her bellybutton finally popped-out and became an outie.

Panini looked at her belly for a moment and sighed in relief.

"Well... That wasn't so ba-" Panini managed to say before all the juice started gushing-out of her mouth like a fire-hose as her swollen body started to rapidly deflate like a balloon releasing air, The gushing stream of juice even hit Flour the skunk, Eventually, She deflated back to her normal size, After it was all over, She looked dizzy, Her eyes rattling around and she was twirling-around in an attempt to stand but she eventually fell flat onto her back, This also caused one last squirt of juice to squirt out of her mouth like a fountain.

"Ohhh.... My head....", She moaned.

She looked at her body, It was completely back to normal, All the juice has left it, "Hooray!!! I'm back to my normal, Adorable self!!!" Panini cheered.

"Thank you, Ceviche." Panini said as they both blushed and leaned in for a kiss, They were suddenly interrupted  by an angry voice.

"Hey!! That's him!! That's the kid that made an offensive comment about our pa-toots", Shouted Gorgonzola, the candle-headed Rat-boy, as he pointed Ceviche out to a mob of angry rats holding baseball-bats and brass-knuckles.

"Get him!!!", Shouted Gorgonzola as the rats dragged Ceviche away and viciously beat him.

Panini cringed in sympathy and awkwardly tip-toed herself away from the scene.

"Well, Congratulations, little girl!! I didn't know it could be done but you drank ALL of the juice, And for that, I present to you.... YOUR PRIZE!!!!" Flour says as she shakes Panini's tiny hand.

"Well, HERE you go, a lifetime supply of wa-wa melon juice!!!!",  Flour exclaims as multiple tanker trucks full of wa-wa melon juice appear.

Panini's face turns green as she covers her mouth and runs away.

While running, She bumps into Chowder, The love of her life, "Ah!! Oh... Hey Panini...", Chowder said in an irritated tone.

Panini hugs him before being pushed-away, "Oh, Num-Nums!! Thank you so much for the words of motivation!! I wouldn't of won that contest without your support!!!" She says, Cheerfully.

"What are you talking about?? I haven't seen you all day!!" Chowder said.

"What?? But I saw you..." Panini said in a confused tone.

"That was probably just another hallucination that all of your psychologists keep telling me about, Anyways, Bye, Panini...", Chowder explains before leaving Panini confused.

Panini stood there in confusion before shrugging, "I'm going to bed..." She says before walking back to her house.

                                                               THE END


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I've read the Part 3 and 4, and I must say... I really enjoy the story of the "Juice-box Hi-Jinx" :D
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